How it works:

1. Include the Playtest SDK in your game

To get started, sign up to get a unique feedbackID and apiKey,
then download the SDK and include this code:

// Import the framework in appDelegate.m
#import PTConnect.h

// Call the SDK by including this line in "application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:"
[[PTConnect manager] setupFeedbackID:@"feedbackID" withApiKey:@"apiKey"];

Android and Unity coming soon.

2. Select testers from our community.
Or bring your own.

Invite people with ease and distribute the way you want. Enterprise, TestFlight, Hockey app...

3. Discuss from anywhere

Join the discussion from the game, the web, the daily email, or right from Slack.

4. Turn feedback into action

Connect Playtest with the tools you are used to and build better games, faster.

Other features

Draw on screenshots

Testers can take screenshots of and optionally draw on them to explain more.


Playtest captures a 10 second animated GIF of what a tester did before submitting feedback.

Your brand

Your logo and name are used in all communication.

Distribute with ease

Use whatever you like: Testflight, Hockey app or Enterprise Distribution.


Send surveys to get a more detailed view on specific subjects.


Playtest combines feedback with data to know exactly what happened.